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[Under the darknight]~at Athens~


I look back to the Athens show which was the tour last day this time↓.


It was about 8:00 morning that We have arrived at the Viennese airport while holding fatigue and sleepiness on 4/26 Sunday.

After having breakfast, We went through the procedure for check-in, it took a short while to keep a suitcase. Still We finished procedure and boarded it somehow.

We arrive in Athens via a little less than 2 hour flight. We was looking at a belt conveyer to receive the baggage, but my suitcase flows completely, and I have not come.

It was the perplexed state the baggage flowed, and whether other customers didn't come.

A belt conveyer had stopped finally, so the information man to contact checked it. Then "Your baggage reaches every tomorrow's simultaneousness." a reply returns and has come.

I have uttered a cry with "Tomorrow!?" unconsciously. But as expected, it's heard, by mistake.

I think that the suitcase you kept at the end when I had a hard time didn't make for boarding.

Need contained many indispensable items in CDs for machinery and materials and merchandise and show of a costume and an effector in the suitcase of course.

This tour and the protuberance which is Athens show in particular were being confirmed through FaceBook, so that this was a serious thing, I was at a loss.

Fortunately, I had a source for guitar and show and an empty condition, so when they seemed able to give a show somehow, it could be positively.

Marie was to be able to lend a costume of Marie, and moreover had only 16 CDs of [MisanthroPia] miraculously, so when they seemed also able to deal with merchandise somehow, a request was being seen.

Even if it can be a little positively, it joins Spyros of an agent.

When We went out of the airport, the fan was waiting for about 3 people with an illustration of a bouquet and a caricature.

Thank you very much!



We move to Spyros's home by car. We arrive at [SKULL BAR] in venue at around 19 o'clock after I take a break a little.

It was venue with a very good atmosphere.

2015-04-26 18.45.16.jpg




The looks which borrowed a make-up tool from Marie, finished make-up, did hair setting by the hair spray borrowed from Spyros and kept the quality which is in a hurry could be completed.

After putting on the make-up, We was given an interview. This interview is also that you can write a net article.

By a sound check, as expected, a guitar, without effects, so, a guitar sound of usual REMNANT couldn't be made.

But Vincent of INsCissorS who costarred had an effector of a delay. It was possible to borrow that and make reverberant sound somehow. You lent me, and it was saved really.

In 21:00, event start. Spyros of an agent was serving as DJ personally and was wrapping a meeting place in the dark world.







Next a performance of INsCissorS has started.

Dark Ambient, I thought it was near a worldview of REMNANT by a worldview.



We was standing by at a greenroom until my turn, so it was regrettable that their show couldn't be seen.

We didn't know the state of the venue for us. But it's also transmitted from a greenroom to have, and a audience has come.

Spyros's MC is received at around 23 o'clock, and show of REMNANT has started.






We couldn't go up to a stage by a relation of DJ's arrangement, and it was a performance at the same leaving location as an audience. But this tension also rose by presence of venue, didn't it?




Immediately, a lady was dancing all the while according to the song next to me!



Show also ends safely somehow. And We signed my name to a photography meeting and the way where you bought a CD with audience.

I was really sorry for the person who couldn't buy stock little.





















Show event ends safely around AM2:00. We could have a good sleep after a long time after that.

We had time to spare until returning home on 4/27 Monday, so We take a walk through acropolis by Spyros and Jenny's guide.

2015-04-27 12.08.28.jpg

2015-04-27 12.27.20.jpg

2015-04-27 12.50.53.jpg



A fan meeting was performed from the evening.

We had a lot of people come in spite of a weekday Monday.

2015-04-27 18.38.26-2.jpg

11013214_953273238045784_2023957653965439652_n (1).jpg

2015-04-27 18.09.53.jpg


Thank you very much in the truth We received much with a caricature, a gift and a letter!



2015-04-27 17.45.30.jpg

We finish a fan meeting and around 19:30, arrive at the airport in Athens.

To go to the check-in, Spyros and Jenny were separated here.

It was under care really, thank you very much!

When there was no enthusiasm of Spyros and him in particular, this tour wasn't concluded.

Domestic and abroad, when there was a person who points enthusiasm unrelatedly, I thought I'd like to respond to the feeling as much as possible once more.

It even took about 20 hours for Narita airport arrival on the way back, but almost all fatigue and sleepiness were lying idle in a peak, so it wasn't felt lengthily.

We could return home safely around PM18:30 on 4/28 Tuesday of Japan time and finish this tour safely.

2015-04-28 18.33.30.jpg

Contact with overseas fans was limited to SNS in Facebook up to now. But you'll have them see live broadcasting actually, and would like also to make the chance when I can get a communication through merchandise from now on.

Because We went once, an effort is made for the state which can respond to the voice you support including the country where you couldn't go this time, not whether We have to go next.

Thank you very much for your everybody of the person concerned who was under care by this tour, everybody who has come to the meeting place to play and all everybody who supported really☆


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