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[Under the darknight]~at Vienna~


I look back to show in Vienna this time↓


4/24 Friday and this day were a movement day to Austria from the Netherlands.

The town in the Hague is left at a little past 9 o'clock in the morning.

I didn't notice desperately last night, but there was feeling of opening, and the station in the Hague was very snug.

2015-04-24 16.29.49.jpg

We move for about 30 minutes by a train and a bus and arrive at the Rotterdam airport.

When a bus moved, Joyce of a staff was a farewell. Thank you very much really!

Movement to Vienna was a small airplane, so whether it was overweight and was extra charge as expected borrowed it. All except for that was no problem.

We finished check-in safely and did the greeting which parts from Francisca and Kimberly.

Thank you very much really!

2015-04-24 19.23.30.jpg

After the flight which is a little for 2 hours, we arrive in Vienna safely.

2015-04-24 22.15.53.jpg

From the airport, the subway, We take and arrive at the nearest station in a hotel.

When We went out to the ground from the subway, surprisingly, there was a cathedral in immediateness!

2015-04-25 00.33.28.jpg

2015-04-25 00.37.05.jpg

... I knew that, and this hotel in Historic District was chosen from oh.

The vicinity whole surface including this Stephansdom is the world's cultural and natural heritage. It was very powerful.

2015-04-25 00.37.10.jpg

2015-04-25 00.43.16.jpg

2015-04-25 00.43.37.jpg

2015-04-24 23.06.17.jpg

The Vienna city can also take an excursion by carriage.

What it is, this blog, it looks like a travel book, it was being, wasn't it? XDD

It was off on this day, so We bought sushi by a supermarket, ate something like fried rice, prepared for the next day's show and rested tightly.

2015-04-25 00.31.41.jpg

2015-04-25 02.04.40.jpg

2015-04-25 02.26.14.jpg

2015-04-25 02.27.07.jpg

2015-04-25 16.15.04.jpg

We checked out from a hotel and afforded until entering time of the live meeting place on 4/25 Saturday, so it's going on a Hofburg palace to see.

2015-04-25 18.36.08.jpg

2015-04-25 18.36.26.jpg

2015-04-25 18.40.45.jpg

2015-04-25 18.46.01.jpg

I think this palace is matched with Habsburg person and Elizabeth in a way with the interest and deep.

When she was Elizabeth, "Elizabeth" of a musical liked Rober__tj very much, so I took and sent many pictures.

We arrive at a venue on this day [VIPER ROOM VIENNA] in the evening. It was the entrance and exit way quite rich in the atmosphere, wasn't it?

2015-04-25 15.11.56.jpg

When We entered the inside, the suspicious atmosphere spread more. Our body was also tight.

That there should be also such venue in Japan, you thought of a true intention, right?

2015-04-25 17.14.27.jpg

2015-04-25 17.14.19.jpg

2015-04-25 17.14.15.jpg

2015-04-25 17.48.09.jpg

2015-04-25 16.27.02.jpg

We costarred with 2 bands, Simon Moon & Exit to Eden coming into action in Vienna.

2 bands were the quiet musicality based on Gothic rock and Hard rock, weren't they?

2015-04-25 21.34.22.jpg


REMNANT met with show by Vienna = clothing classical according to the image of an opera.



2015-04-28 03.06.42.jpg

2015-04-28 03.06.11.jpg

2015-05-05 14.45.42.jpg

2015-05-05 14.45.37.jpg



It took voice of an encore, but nothing was being prepared, so we made easy MC "No Encore and sorry~" and made a stage later.

We also finished show in Vienna safely and burst into an annual photography meeting.

2015-04-26 00.55.17.jpg

2015-04-26 00.59.00.jpg

2015-04-26 00.57.09.jpg

2015-05-05 14.45.30.jpg
2015-05-07 11.04.32.jpg

2015-04-25 21.11.37.jpg

2015-04-25 17.13.42.jpg

We have also finished commemorative photography with the persons concerned and have also ended a tour for 2nd day safely.

2015-04-25 21.29.14.jpg

2015-04-25 21.31.20.jpg

2015-04-25 21.30.58.jpg

2015-04-25 21.07.17.jpg

show in Athens which becomes a tour last performance already on the next day.

After a Viennese performance is finished, half day isn't done, while, it was movement, so We went to the airport while not having enough sleep without being flooded with reverberation.

- It follows the next blog. -

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