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[Under the darknight]~at Den Haag~


REMNANT first Europe short tour[Under the darknight] could finish all performances safely.

REMNANT Europe 2015.jpg

Thank you very much for your everybody who came to each venue, persons concerned of each country and everybody who supported really☆

It's certain that it has been finished safely.. but I had that variously.

I think there is also a matter you make well-known already, but I'd like to look back in the schedule order.


Narita airport is left at 10 o'clock a.m. on April 22 Wednesday. It's a little past 22 o'clock p.m. in local time that We have arrived in Amsterdam via connection in Turkey. In Japan time, next, around 6 o'clock a.m... I left the house, and it took about 24 hours.

It joins agent's Francisca failure in the airport. This day was an end in this.

2015-04-23 06.47.57.jpg

April 23 Thursday and the tour first day, the Netherlands, it was show at Hague.

There was time until a sound check. It was to say in order to walk a town a little after machinery and materials were carried to a venue first, and We went to the venue as well as Joyce(staff) and Francisca . So I encountered the unexpected situation!

Mr. traders are painting inside of wall to say surprisingly, that it's the show day!XDD

2015-04-23 23.58.41.jpg

We have laughed at this unconsciously. I became slightly worried whether a wall is dried before a audience enters.

We put machinery and materials and take a walk through a town in the Hague. I received pretty impression overall natural green in an auburn contrast in a building.

2015-04-23 20.39.27.jpg

2015-04-23 23.27.10.jpg

2015-04-23 23.18.24.jpg

2015-04-23 23.13.05.jpg

2015-04-23 23.04.38.jpg

2015-04-23 22.38.03.jpg

2015-04-23 23.48.10.jpg

To find a musical instrument shop and drop in right away.

Marie was a drummer originally. She was suggested to the shop assistant who did a Japanese tattoo and beat a drum.

2015-04-23 21.28.13.jpg

We take a break in the open-air cafe which is aside of the church.

2015-04-23 21.33.59.jpg

Marie ordered alcohol and I ordered mint tea. But that was real mint tea☆

2015-04-23 21.45.49.jpg

We received truffle deep fried food, mutton cheese and a liquor appetizer. It was good☆


Time of the sound check approached, so We have returned to a venue. A sound was checked, being given an interview, doing make-up and a change. And while I said oh, it was opening time.

Show has started in the event in Japan and the atmosphere which hardly changes by the effect of the DJ time by DJ Nachtraaf coming into action locally.

2015-04-24 03.20.11.jpg

2015-04-24 04.41.33.jpg


FullSizeRender 4.jpg
2015-05-05 08.11.06.jpg
2015-05-05 07.58.02.jpg

2015-05-05 07.57.50.jpg

2015-05-05 08.11.47.jpg

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Kimberly(staff) is recording on video and is editing for the design of the Hague performance. There may be a chance everyone can see, too.

[Requiem] then, beating time with the hand has happened. [La mer Morte] then, you waved your hand to left and right. By which we felt an action of the audience who sees for the first time freshly

After an end of Show, commemorative photography with an audience.and the tour first day has been finished.

2015-04-24 04.41.38.jpg

2015-04-24 06.02.28.jpg

2015-04-24 05.00.19.jpg

2015-04-24 19.06.44.jpg
2015-04-24 04.51.41.jpg

2015-04-24 04.50.30.jpg

2015-04-24 04.51.00.jpg


2015-04-24 04.52.48.jpg

2015-04-25 07.20.41.jpg

2015-04-25 07.14.17.jpg

2015-04-25 02.57.11.jpg


Fun time in the Netherlands was also the brief moment. We start a trip to Vienna in the next site in the morning on the next day. I slept while turning deserted feeling...

- It follows the next blog. -

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