Eternity of children -Another-
Cocytus-Obscure MIX-

2014,06/14 Not for sale.

[Eternity of children-Another-]収録。

CDS [Das Ende],2014/03/01 release.

1.Das Ende (ダス・エンデ)
2.Witches' Sabbath-Revive-


2014,05/10 Not for sale.

[La mer Morte-Chante avec KALM-]収録。

Das Ende
La mer Morte -Chante avec KALM-



2014,03/01 Not for sale.

[Asymmetry (REMNANT remix)]収録。

1st Full AL [MisanthroPia](ミサントロピア),2013,12/20 release.

2.Darkness coming
3.Eternity of children
4.Peut revenir (プゥ・ルヴニール)
5.Death Wish
6.Progeny of blood
7.Secret amour (スクレ・タムール)
9.Cocytus (コキュートス)


R.I.P.-Rain is like an Ice deadly Poison-

CDS [R.I.P.-Rain is like an Ice deadly Poison-],
2013,04/20 release.

2.Death Wish




Blind Sunday-Another-

2012,12/07 Not for sale.

[Blind Sunday-Another-]収録。











2012,11/10 Not for sale.


2012,07/02 release.

[Peut Revenir]収録。

Dead Silence-Type S

2012,06/06 Free DL release.










Dead Silence-Type M-

2012,06/06 Free DL release.

*[denki mayalogue]版とはmix違い。


V.A.[denki mayalogue]

2012,03/08 release.

[Dead Silence Type-M]収録。



Fragments of the dark

1st Mini AL [Fragments of the dark],2011,10/28 release.

2.Blind Sunday
3.Witches' Sabbath
4.Sleeping Beauty
5.The sacred song of the suicide
6.La mer Morte (ラ・メール・モルト)



CDS[Silent Night,Bloody Night]2010,12/13 Not for sale.

1.Silent Night,Bloody Night
2.Darkness eve



Silent Night,bloody Night

CDS [Silent Night,Bloody Night],2010,12/05 Not for sale.

1.Silent Night,Bloody Night
2.Darkness eve



Silent Night,Bloody Night


2014,10/25〜 Not for sale.

[Cocytus-Obscure MIX-]収録。

2014,12/13 Not for sale.




2015,06/28 Not for sale.



2015,02/08 Not for sale.


Progeny of blood
-Prototype 2012-

Absolve from restriction

Dance with the pain

The end of the world

Das Ende
-Remastering 2016-

La mer Morte
-Remastering 2016-


2nd Full Album [Ewigkeit](エイヴィヒカイト)

1.Coma of unknown pleasures
2.Dance with the pain
3.Tick tack
4.The end of the world
5.The birds
6.Kinder heim waltz (キンダーハイムワルツ)
7.Death penalty
8.Absolve from restriction
9.Fallen (Ewigkeit Ver.)
10.Mauve (モーブ)
11.Artificial tears
12.Das Ende (Ewigkeit Ver.)
13.we Can't be die

2015,09/05 Not for sale.

[Pogeny of blood-prototype 2012]収録。


2015,10/17 Not for sale.

[Absolve from restriction]収録。

2016,01/11 Not for sale.

[Dance with the pain]収録。

2016,02/27 Not for sale.

[The end of the world]収録。

2016,04/30 Not for sale.

[Das Ende-Remastering 2016]収録。

2016,10/01 Not for sale.

[La mer Morte-Remastering 2016]収録。